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December 15, 2012  1-3pm

You Can Help

You can also help by making or donating goodies (please no red die base items).

Please ask friends and family to pray for the children and to participate as GOD leads them.

We would greatly appreciate donated small gifts such as art supplies (colored pencils, markers, coloring books, reading books, small toys, HotWheels, bubbles, PlayDough, wrapped Christmas candy)

This is an awesome opportunity for your own child or grandchild to join in the joy of giving by selecting the small gift items, paying for the items at the store/s, decorate the gift bag/box (please do NOT wrap gift boxes), make a hand-crafted Christmas Card filled with love and encouragement, 
include a gift tag To: (the same of their friend) From: (your child's first name) and pray for their orphaned friend that GOD will provide them with a loving Mommy & Daddy. Enjoy what GOD will do in your child & through your child, and how your entire family will be blessed by being Christmas Angels.

Thank You for joining this year’s army of Christmas Angels to bless orphaned children this Christmas.

“One of the Most Wonderful Gifts you receive this Christmas is the one you give to an orphaned child.”
~ Anissa Stark


Come Join the Joy of this year's Christmas Blessings Celebration by becoming one of our Christmas Angels and help orphaned children living in foster care from our local communities, to discover how much GOD & their community loves them.

"One person can not do everything, but every person can do something". We need you. 

email or call Anissa at  •  (951) 878-KIDS (5437)

Ways to be a Christmas Angel:

• Fill a medium sized gift bag or box with small gift items
• Pray for your little orphaned friend as GOD leads you
• Place a card or note inside your gift bag or box letting your little friend know that s/he is loved by GOD & you.
• Continue to pray for your little friend throughout the year.

Dec. 15th 2012 at

Fellowship In the Pass Church
650 Oak Valley Pkwy, Beaumont, CA 92223

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